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In-house Power and Expertise 

Smart Group In-house power ( All under One Roof )



The company is designed with vision of providing cutting edge technology at affordable price to every one.


The Smart Group Has International branched and global network of Distributors, Installers, Integrators, reserch institutes, software houses  and Training Centers.


Smart Industry Today has a self sufficient know how and inhouse departments structure which is capable of serving all the following sectors:

1- 3D Mechanichal Design (Prototyping)

2- 3D Solid Printing (Sampling)

3- Mould Design

4- Tooling Workshop with CNC, EDM, Skimmers, and rotors

5- Plastic Injection Industry (Moulding)

6- Hardware Research and Development (R&D)

7- Software and Firmware design and Development

8- IQC, Parts inspection, and Material Preperation

9- Robotic Mounting (SMT/SMD)

10- Environmental Quality Soldering (Reflow and Wave Machines)

11- Testing and Aging

12- Trouble shooting and debugging

13- QC, and QA (10 Levels)

14- Assembly Lines (5 Motorized)

15- Packaging and Inspection

16- Media Production and Publicity Marketing

17- Training and Experience Center

18- Sales and Comerce

19- Administration and Human Resources

20- Financial Accounting

21- Energy Research

22- Laser Cutting and Engraving

23- Wharehousing (Parts, Semifinished, Finished Goods)

24- Projects Design and Estimation

25- Internet Marketing and Web design 

26- Procurement and Comerce

27- OEM and ODM

28- Export and Import


Smart industry outsources the following:

1- Painting and Silk Screening

2- Metals

3- Glass

4- Cartons and foam


Smart Group Manufacturing Expertise


Smart Industry has developped over the years an extensive experience and has already produced the following as example:

1- CTI and IVR

2- Security Burgular alarm systems

3- Sensors and detectors

5- Intelligent Lighting Control Devices

6- Climate control Devices

7- BMS Monitoring Devices

8- Distributed Audio/BGM

9- Distributed Video and Media

10- User Interface Panels

11- Applications and User Programs

12- Motor Controls

13- Communication Devices and Bridges

14- RF and S-wave technology

15- Wifi and LAN Technology

16- Battery charging and Health

17- Touch and Gesture Technology

18- Energy saving and Occupancy Detection

19- Logic and Process Controllers

20- Sockets, Switches, Powerline and Wireline fixtures

21- LED Lights and strips

22- Hotel GRMS Automation

23- Museum Automation Systems

24- Smart Mosque and Temple controls

25- Hospital Service, Nurse call, and Outpatient clinic systems

26- Power Metering, Managment and Billing

27- Audio Speakers

28- Solar Power and Permenant Gensets







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