Smart Group Accepts

the following Established professional type of Business Partners


A- Project Investors:

These are Major Companies that are looking forward to investing in solid Technology to add value to there entire business/projects. Some examples:

1- Real Estate Developers (Add value to sell their Property faster and stand out from competition)

2- Hotel and Hospitality Sector (Add Luxury, comfort, save energy and Add more stars rating)

3- Governments Mega Projects (Latest Open Technology, Best value, Massive networking)

B- Equipment Distribution Stockiest Investors:

Are Major Technical Equipment Trading and Branding companies that are looking to invest in Distribution of Technical Parts and supporting the installers accordingly. Some examples:

1- Audio Visual Equipment Distributors

2- Electrical supplies and Lighting Control Warehousing

3- HVAC and climate control Major Brands Suppliers

4- Pool and Garden Major Suppliers

6- Hardware installer Supplies Stores

C- Big Consultants and Mega Projects Contractors:

These are smart value engineering and latest technology utilizing project brains that always strive to use best quality, latest technology, fastest installation, more durability and optimum cost solutions for their respective projects.Some Examples:

1- Big Interior designers

2- Big Lighting Designers

3- Big Building Designers

4- ME Consultant

5- Big Project Main Contractors

6- Electrical and Mechanical Contractor

7- Major Contracts Interiors Contractor

D- Big Established Installers and Integrators:

These are technology Companies that work in electrical, mechanical AV and ELV systems. These are usually account partners that strive for latest technology that fits their target markets and help them always to execute perfectly working project in speed and ease. Some examples: 

1- Security, CCTV, Intercom and Access Big Companies

2- Audio Video and Luxury Home theater Installers

3- Luxury Meeting and Board room systems contractors

4- Telephone and CTI integrators

5- Custom Instal Home automation Integrators

6- Building BMS Integrators

7- Major Industrial control Integrators

8- Building Lighting Control system installers

9- Climate control and Green Building Engineering 

10- 3rd Party Custom Project Class 1& 2 Integrators

E- Technology Added Value Partners:

These are mainly research Companies and individuals that has technology passion to innovate. such partners help deliver state of art solutions and ideas that pushes towards next millennium. Some examples:

1- IOT Development Companies

2- Artificial Intelligence Companies

3- Virtual and Augmented Reality

4- Voice, face and gesture recognition technology companies

5- Low Energy Bluetooth, NFC and other mapping, sensing and reading technological companies

6- Integrated Manufacturers Unification and Protocol Translators, bridges, drivers makers

7- Cloud computing, cloud storage and Analytics

8- Local servers, Proxy, Loggers, Schedulers, and gateways

9- Third Party Brands and Protocols unification Software system

10- Website integtartors, XML driven integration, Bots Control, chat control..etc.


Benefits of Becoming an Official G4 Network Partner



Becoming Smart-Group Dealers and active Partner shall provide you with many Previlages:

  1. Product Training, Automation Concepts Training, Design and Estimation Training, Sales and Marketing Training

  2. Certification of Training

  3. Certification for Registered and Trained Company with Ready Smart G4 Products Working Showroom

  4. Startup Package (*One per Registered New Company/Showroom is allowed at subsidized cost)

  5. Discounts that increase According to Training and Partner Activities (Training, Orders, Testing, Ideas, Support, Branding ++)

  6. 24 hour Support Forum and Groups *

  7. Forwarding of Leads and customer Inquiries  (*based on readiness and activity)

  8. Help in Design and Estimation for First 3 Projects (*Additional Reload Automatic with New Order Placed)

  9. Invitation To VIP Summits (*Active Branding Partners)

*(Must apply)

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