Why Smart-Bus (S-Bus)?

Smart-BUS is technically more or less the only complete Home Automation System in the world at present. The system is designed entirely from the experience of an installer whom has faced every integration issues and difficulties over the past decade. (He is Mainly One of You).

"I was an Installer and Integrator before coming up with an idea and implemented the design of Smart-BUS" quoted, Firas Mazloum (Designer and Patent Owner Partner of Smart-BUS)

The SmartBus uniquely solve Several Installer Problems Today:
1 - SmartBUSWorks on Normal Cat5 Wires widely available in any market
2 - Flexible Operation Voltage that Range between 8VDC-32VDC to overcome Long Distance wires or Bad quality conductors
3 - SmartBus have Multiple Lines of Protection:

a. Overload Protection
b. Over Heat Protection
c. Reverse Polarity Protection
d. Short Circuit Protection
e. Surge Protection

4 - SmartBUS Cancel big cabinets requirement by saving Space due to small modular Sizes
5 - Easy Expandability Due to SMARTBUS / Smart-MESH Flexible Topology acceptability:

a. Daisy Chain Applicable
b. Open or Closed Loop acceptable
c. Start Topology workable
d. Grid Topology Possible 

6 - 64Bit Addressing that Enable almost infinite Devices to be added for any home, Palace, Building, or even whole Village or Town
7 - Simple Tools Requiredto complete Major Installation mainly:

a. Plier or (45 degree Cutter)
b. Screw Driver (Tester)

8 - Any Electrician Can Install, Test, Commission, configure the System without Need fro Any PC, the systems that do not need Pro Programing for initial workability Include:

a. Dimmers
b. Relays
c. HVAC Climate control
d. Zone Multi room Audio Distribution
e. DDP LCD Panels
f. Wall Button Type Switches
g. 9in1 Sensors
h. MIX Control Beast
i. FAN Speed Module

9 - Installer Can Add Powersupply Wishfully on the go at any location to boost the Network
10 - The smart-BUS cover Directly without any Need for Any Integration with Direct Plug and Operate; all the following Specialized system Categories:

a. Mood Lighting and Dimming including Fluorescent Ballast and LED color DMX (240,000 Lighting Channels)
b. Air-conditioning Control (30,000 FCU/AHU/VAV)
c. Security and Safety (250,000 Addressable Zones)
d. Distributed Digital Multi Room Audio (1740 Zones)
e. Audio Visual IR Control with Sequence (macros) and *IR Libraries
f. Multifunctional Sensors S-BUS Ready with

i. PIR Motion Sensor
ii. Dry Input Sensor for Several Magnets and detectors
iii. LUX linear Intensity Brightness sensor
iv. Current Sensors
v. Analogue Sensors (Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Liquid level..etc.)

g. Access Control with card Readers and door Bell
h. Multifunctional User Interface Panel (standard Wall Switch Size) that enable:

i. Channel and Mood Lighting control
ii. Temperature control
iii. Music selection with song information display
iv. Shades, curtains and Drapes control
v. Show control, Multimedia control and Many More

i. Ceiling Fan speed control
j. Motor Control for gates, garages, Curtains, Shades ++
k. Pump and Generator Set Control
l. Power Metering
m. Automation Logic with Timers
n. *Web Host with "Cyber Home Chat" Server
o. Hotel GRMS (Guest Room management System)
p. *IP Intercom One to Many with POTS Link and TV Link
q. IP Bridges, RS-232 Interface, W-BUS and *Zigbee Interface, *KNX Interface, NuvoDridge, Honeywell Bridge, *Gree VRV Bridge, *CAN-BUS, DALI, *MOD-BUS Interface
r. Android Ready Applications, *IPhone, *I.pad, WinCE, WinXP, Win7
s. Cable Managers BUS Ready

11 - Smart-BUS Several Integrated Sister Companies add to the Spice Ready plug in and control systems like:

a. Long range RFID for cars (up to 50 Meters active range)
b. Presentation Scalers for Meeting Rooms
c. Motorized Projector and Plasma Lifters for Media Needs

12 - The Easy User Interface, the elegant compact design and the Flexible fascia as well as the *matching design power-line and outlets do complete the needs of any architect and home owner in modern, elegant and compact style.
13 - Smart-BUS is money Saver for any installer (Material, Equipment and Time):

a. Easy Minimal Wiring
b. One Panel and One Pipe with One cable for All your Zone Control Needs
c. Installs in Minutes with easy locating ability due to small size
d. Fully Protected No idle repair time nor waste 
e. Flexible usage of same Module No need to buy many Devices
f. Programing can Be done Manually on site within Seconds
g. Professional Configuration with AV macros and logics can be programed within Minutes only for complex functions

14 - Cost Effectiveness: Smart-BUS Guarantees that Any Home Can be automated within Normal Standard System Budget.
15 - Support and Availability: Smart-BUS is backed up by Smart-Group in Many Countries, and has extensive network of Distributors and Dealers worldwide.
16 - Continuous Training and certification is always available at many nodes worldwide 
17 - And Mostly because Smart-BUS Inventor Never Stop Making New Ideas and Easy to Install and Use systems always and on daily basis.



Smart-BUS is flexible to integrate to almost any third party Device seamlessly as following but not limited to:

• Televisions, DVD Players, Satellite Boxes (Using IR, BY using RS-232)
• Motorized Projection screen, Projector Lifters, Plasma Lifters (Using relays, Using IR, or by using RS-232-485)
• HVAC (Using IR for Split type, BY using RS-232 for VRV, Using 0-10 for VAV, Using Relays for FCU/AHU and Chilled Water Cooling )
• Fire, and Burglar Alarm systems (Using relays, BY using RS-232, Using 0-5 Volts)
• Fluorescent Dimmable Ballasts (Using 0-10V, Using DMX, Using Dali)
• Pumps, Water Boilers and Heaters (Using Heavy Relays, BY using MOD-BUS and RS-232)
• Long Range RFID and access Control (using RS-232/485)
• Gate and Garage Motors (Using Contact Relays, BY using RS-232)
• Curtain Motors and Shades or Drapes (Using IR, BY using RS-232, Using Relay contacts)
• Electro tented Glass (Using Relays and Dimmers)
• LED Color Changers and color Wheels (Using DMX Drivers, Using Pass through relays)
• Weather Stations (Using RS-232)
• Irrigation Systems (Using relays to control Solenoids, or BY using RS-232)
• Mirror Defogger Sheets (Using relays)
• 3rd Party Lighting Control System (Using RS-232 or KNX/EIB, or Zigbee as to be applicable)
• Media Streaming Boxes like Boxee, Z-Audio, Apple TV ++ (Using UDP IP Protocols, IR)
• Audio Multi-Room like Nuvo, Russound, Channel vision (Using IR, BY using RS-232)
• Presentation and Media Scallers(Using IR, BY using RS-232)
• Jacuzzi, Water valves (Using RS-232, Relays and sensors)
• Electric Generators (Using S-BUS Gensen)
• Central Battery System (BY using RS-232, 0-5V)
• BMS system (Using OPC Server, BY using RS-232)
• CCTV and DVR (Using IR, BY using RS-232)
• Pool Heat Exchange and Filtration system (Using relays, BY using RS-232)


Examples of the 3rd party Branded systems that Smart-BUS has been usedto control or communicate with in several Projects:

• Honeywell
• Clipsal
• Nuvo
• Opus
• Crestron
• Mitsubishi
• Daiken
• Carrier
• Sony
• Onque
• Yamaha
• Sunseeker
• Somfi
• Silent Gless
• Cissco
• Avaya
• Quantran
• Poloron
• Futronix
• Lite Touch
• Preussen
• Cool Master
• Makita
• Philips Dynalite
• Cytech Comfort
• Microidee
• Optoma
• Bose
• Buttkicker
• Humax
• Panasonic
• Bechamp
• Iriduim Mobile
• FDL, HDL, and Strand
• And Several Others

In Short, Smart-BUS is the future platform to unite Home Automation Entertainment and Intelligent Building Technology Today.




Integration Recommended Procedure when Linking to Third Party Systems to avoid any inconvenience and guarantee best image and professional approach without any droughts.


A- Air-Conditioning Integration:

• If system is Normal "FCU or AHU Type" (cooling/Heating/Fan Speed)
Kindly use Normal HVAC Controller Type (NO/NC) and Use wiring method form AHU/FCU control panel of the AC unit as standard 5-8 Wires. All Control Boards to be selected by MEP must be selected in such a way that can accept any standard (unbranded) local market thermostat.
• If System is "VAV" type:
Kindly make sure that All VAV's selected are 0-10 Volt Type and follow same standard (unbranded VAV Thermostat Wiring Connection Standards.


*HVAC Integration Procedure:

1. MEP Contractor Must Install, Test, Commission his system fully using Temporary standard (unbranded) market Normal Thermostats that work based on (NO/NC) for AHU/FCU / 0-10V for VAV.
2. MEP Must Balance and Calibrate all his Units after Testing for At least 48-72 Hours. Testing must be done as following: All Rooms to be set to 18-19 degrees (If cooling example), all rooms Doors Must be locked after that and no one to be allowed to enter the space for at least 48-72 Hrs.
3. Inspection to be carried by Owner Rep, Consultant, MEP, and Smart Automation rep after the 48-72 Hours is elapsed without any entry to the locked Area./Areas
4. If all inspection Pass without leakage, temperature in accuracy ++ and once owner and consultant are happy with the results (otherwise repeating of same procedure to be carried again till success).
5. If tests succeed and are certified good for integration, then the Temporary thermostats installed shall be replaced by Smart-HVAC controller instead.


B- Motorized Curtains Integration:

• Standard Market RF Curtains Require Power Outlet for their Motors
• Standard Market AC Curtains Require Double Throw Power for Integration
• Sun seeker Curtains and IR/NO/NC Standard Type also require Control Cable to be connected up to Automation Panel.
• *** We recommend One Power Outlet Double Throw, and One Extra Outlet with Data Control cable to be connected to Control DB/or Zone DB.
• *** All Fabrics to be selected must be thin if for roller, and must be Light in weight; otherwise Motors will have problems, low life, and high sound.
• Curtains Supplier Must provide curtains with either of the following integration possibilities:

o RS-232 (with clear protocol Document) fully programmed and addressed
o NO/NC Connection fully tested
o IR Unique Codes Integration enabled
o AC Normal or Double Throw Type Curtain Motors 
o ***(All AC Type and Non AC Types Needs to be coordinated with MEP Contractor to provide proper wiring to electrical and control DB)


*Motorized Curtains Integration Procedure:

1. Curtain Provider Install Curtain complete with all Fabrics
2. Curtain Provider test and certify workability
3. Curtain Provider Test integration Ports separately in front of SmartHome
4. SmartHome Connect, test and complete integration in front of Curtain supplier.



C. Motorized GATE Integration:

• Gate Supplier Must Prepare His NO/NC to connect to our Volt-Free dry Ports. (We require: Open, Stop, and Close)


*Motorized GATE Integration Procedure:

1. Gate Provider Install Gate complete 
2. Gate Provider test and certify workability
3. Gate Provider Test NO/NC integration Ports separately in front of SmartHome
4. SmartHome Connect, test and complete Gate integration in front of Gate supplier.


D. Lighting control Integration:

• Wiring for smart Integrated Lighting and Dimming the way is totally different than the Normal Light switch wiring.
• All loads must come to Control Room or Zone DB and to be connected as if all manual switches are located inside that electrical DB or zone DB.
• All Digital control panels that will replace the normal light switches shall be looped as daisy chain and back to the Electrical DB or zone DB (Where Data wire will be used here). 


*Lighting Integration Procedure:

1. MEP Contractor Must Install, Test, Commission his system fully after installing Light Fixtures, and then by using Temporary standard Market Normal Switches AT DB.
2. MEP Must Switch one by one circuit, and all together to make sure no electrical shorts.
3. MEP Must Leave all lights totally on for 24-48 Hours to make sure that all connections are secure, no overload, and no sparks.
4. Inspection to be carried by Owner Rep, Consultant, MEP, and Smart Automation rep after the 24-48 Hours is elapsed without any Problems. 
5. If all inspection pass without Issues, and once owner and consultant are happy with the results (otherwise repeating of same procedure to be carried again until success).
6. If tests succeed and are certified good for integration, then the Temporary Switches installed temporarily above DB by MEP shall be replaced by Smart-Soft Panels instead.





Recommended Pro Installer's Tools and Accessories:

Smart-HOME recommend the following Minimal List for Any Installer going on field.. Tools that must be always ready, and Materials that must be Handy for Successful Installation. (Good Luck)

• Electric Drill with Drill Pits Sets and Spares
• Buzzer Tone and Cable tester
• Volt Meter with Clamp
• Pulling Strings (+ -)
• Electric Test Screw Driver
• Set of Screw Drivers
• Chalk Line
• Soap
• Markers
• Measuring Tape
• Foldable Ladder
• Masking Tape
• Labeling Machine and Cartridges + Extra Battery Pack
• Extension Power Cord
• Hand Gloves, Goggles, Dust Mask
• Cutter Blade (with spares, knifes)
• Hole Saw Cutter 20mm with lock
• Batching Tool
• Crimping Tool
• Air Blower
• Fish Hook, and Springs
• 45 degree Cutter
• Pliers and Pull Nose
• Pipe Cutter and Pipe Benders
• Headband light
• Spirit Level Meter
• Walki-Talki Set with Charger and Extra Batteries
• Soldier and Iron
• Metal Files
• Rubber Hammer
• French Wrench
• Grinder
• Battery Drill with Charger and Extra Battery
• Data Cable stripper




Some of the Materials that are recommended to be always Handy with Installer for successful Installation of Low current systems:

• Cables (RG-6, UTP cat5e, RG-59)
• Electrical and Audio wires, 
• HDMI Cables, AV Cables and converters
• Power Sockets, Data and Tel Sockets, Blank Plates ++
• Cylindrical Fuses and Fuse Holders
• DIN Rail Bars
• Extra Water Proof Boxes, and Small DB's
• Cable Manager
• Patching Strips and MDF
• Patch Panels
• Plastic Trunking
• GI Trunking 2 inches
• Fishers and Screws and Bolts and Nuts Set
• Set Connectors (RCA, BNC, RJ45, RJ11, Power, Mic, BUS, RF, T connectors, F connectors..etc)
• Couplers 20mm, 25mm, 50mm
• Electric Insulation Tape, 
• H



In order to Install S-BUS the following Prerequisites must be available prior to Commencing with Smart-BUS Final Installation and Commissioning:

1. LC Cabling for control System is done as per Schematics and riser diagram examples and is certified
2. Third party systems Installed, coordinated, tested and commissioned and certified like: 

a. Lighting fixtures
c. Gates and Garages
d. Motorized Curtains..etc.

3. Temporary or Permanent Electricity is Connected to all DB's and Panels
4. Space is allocated for Smart-BUS Systems additions Ready with Permanent Power Outlets and connection p to S-BUS cabinets / DB's
5. Final Paint Coat is not yet applied
6. No Wall Paper is applied Yet
7. All Ceiling Access Panels are ready as Needed






Smart-Group Has designed Together with SmartHome-University several Training Programs to Make sure that all Dealers/Installers, Distributors and Consultants are always kept updated and upraised on latest solutions and technology that the Group have to offer in the Automation, Techno-Lifestyle, and Energy Industries.

Most of these trainings are Offered Free to the Active Network Partners. Periodical Trainings take Place at Different World Nodes Like: UAE, Egypt, Germany, USA, Denmark, China, India, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and Other Main Hubs.





Some of The Courses Offered:

1- Automation Design, System Selection, BOQ making, Estimation, Proposal Making, and Bidding Strategies

2- Schematics, Connection Diagrams, Wiring and Conduiting, Cables, Tools, Materials, Methodology, Procedures, Contractual correspondence and Installation steps

3- Product Business Development Training for BDM's Showing Applications for Different sectors and Touring Different Product Brand Development Ideas

4- Smart-BUS Installation and Basic programming (Level1)

a. Lighting and Dimming with Simple Scenes 
b. Climate and HVAC Control
c. Music/ Distributed Audio
d. Simple Security and Occupancy

5- Smart-BUS Installation and Advanced programming (Level2)

a. Macros, Moods and Buttons
b. Complex Automation Logic Functions
c. Infra-Red / AV Control Integration
d. Touch screens Data Bases
e. Androids, Win CE, Windows 7, IPhone and Other SW
f. Show Control and SMS
g. Lifters Integration S
h. Shades Motors Integration
i. Video Control

6- Smart-BUS Installation and Pro-programming (Level3)

a. 3rd party Integration Coding
b. Long Range RFID Integration
c. Web Hosts
d. VRV Cool Integration
e. Cool Genset Controls
f. Community Servers

7- Smart-BUS Installation and Scripting programming (Level4)

a. Low Level Coding and Scripting
b. Developers Workshop on Protocol and Integration

8- AMC Contracts, Service Level agreements, Troubleshooting, and Procedures for Protective maintenance, Emergency, corrective, and Replacement Maintenance.

9- Specification Writing, Specifying, and Enrolling Methodology.

10- OEM, ODM Policy, Idea making, Brain Storming and Organizing, Getting The Product Out, Branding, Strategic Marketing Tools.

Dealers Levels and Definitions:

Smart Group Has Several Levels of Installers and Dealers separated according to their Expertise and Activities:

1- Registered Dealer/Installer : is Any Technical Person or company That Has Been accepted (after Filling Application and submitting Credentials) also has received Dealer acceptance and Smart-BUS Training Certification Also has Purchased the Dealer Practice Kit.

2- Official Dealer: is the Registered Dealer That has taken Training, Signed Contracts, and has Official Website & facebook hosting G4, and has purchased at least 2 Orders within first 6 Months after Training and has installed at least 1 QC inspected Project.

3- Authorized Dealer: is The Active Official Dealer that Has Completed at Least 3 Inspected Installations that involve at least 3 Categories of smart-BUS like: (Lighting, HVAC, Music, etc.) and these Installations has been Inspected and Passed the Smart-Installer/Integrator Quality Standards. This Authorized Dealer Has ability and has been Trained to Train Installers under His command.

4- Area Distributor: is the Authorized Dealer that Has Stock and has trained and is Supporting at least 4 Other Installers and Dealers under his Area command Umbrella.


Genuine Certification:

Genuine Smart-Group Certification is Always Sealed By Smart Home / Digitcom Seal. And is Issued and Signed By Our Chairman and Training Director. 








"If It is Smart – Its got to be by Smart-Group"


 1.Pro Smart-Bus Installer Good practice initial Rules of Thump:       

  • - Grounding:

Make sure that com of every power supply loop is grounded to structural metal or cold water metal pipe. 

  • - Cross Power Conflicts:

Never connect 2 power supplies together.  Already powered and Running Devices in that loop require data communication only to the other powered loop not both.

  • - Protection:

·Always use contactors to protect HVAC, ESR series, Zonebeast23, Mix24, Trail click, low power relays from inrush current. Even if DIY retrofit installation, you can still fit the protection contactors or fuses at the load side and above ceilings in spotlight coves.

·Note: All LED or CFL loads must be calculated by multiplying actual Reading by ×10 factor to provide against spark load. Otherwise Relays will be burned.

·Dimmers must add fast burning fuses with matching Amp of the dimmers.

  • - Cables and topology:

Only use good quality copper wires (copper 98% minimum, oxygen free, UTP, FTP, STP Type, Cat5e or Cat6), never use ccs nor cca. And implement simple daisy chain topology for that loop or area.  Then loop the different loops together using SB-CM8-DN sbus cable manager.

  • - Connection to sbus:

Never strip wire jackets or wires with cutters or knives. That invisibly would half cut some wires and you would not notice which would give you huge complex case to track (It is hard to find the error in such case). You might open the whole project wiring twice or more to resolve it. The best is to use finger to strip the Jackets. Fastest way is safest way. Also triple check every wire carefully for full connectivity and proper tightness to the connectors.

  • -Sbus cable requirement.

Cat6 or Cat5e. Must be twist pair, copper 98% minimum, oxygen free. With gage 0.58mm minimum or higher.

  • -Warranty Validation:

It is not valid if not installed by trained certified Engineers by USA SmartHome Group.


2.Pro Smart-Bus Installer Do’s Not Dont’s :

- S-wave

Do not use more than 1 s-wave wireless transceiver in same wired loop.

- Zone Audio

If having multiple Z-audio installed, all Z-Audios must be connected to LAN only. From where (one Z-audio) can connect is D+ and D-  only without power to connect to smart-bus (if you do not have RSIP). If the RSIP is installed, no need even that single Z-Audio connect to sBus.

- Retrofitting

If retrofitting and forced to pull sbus cable within electrical conduits or with  or near power cable tray.  Then do not Use UTP cables. Kindly make sure that all data cables are STP. Then ground the shield properly.

- Phase & Section

Do not connect different Neutral sections to same dimmer even if they belong to same Phase/Line color.

- Alpha & Products

Do not ever use Alpha or Even Beta products or FW nor New SW version on client site unless you test all stability yourself and you have enough time to roll back in case of issues.

- Never Upgrade

Rule of thumb: if it was working ok, do not upgrade.(Never be trigger happy to complicate your life. Target reached. So why upgrade!  Curiosity kills the cat.

- Device upgrade

Any really need for upgrading the devices, please go online of the G4 Google Driver and check for the updated Firmware.       




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