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Smart G4

The Future is Here

We are Providing Everything You Need

for Building  Automation Controls

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Smart Home GRMS Control


Guest Room, Ball Room & Public Areas

Smart Hotel GRMS,  covers the easy control of Guest Room systems like: Door bell, Keycard, occupancy, DND, MUR, Energy Saving, Lighting control, temperature HVAC, service requests, DND, MUR, curtains, Drapes,  Glass outlets, music and video or TV channel control, Also BMS, BGM, PA, Ball rooms AV, Advertisment signage, LED Display, Irrigation, Parking Management, Elevator Control...

These and more solutions for Hotel AirBnB and furnished apartments

Hotel GRMS

View our Different Series

Hotel BMS

do more with Hotel Building BMS 

Why G4 Hotel

Why G4 is Different than others

Get Ideas

Learn about how to Make Smart Hotels


Smart Homes and Smart-Apartment buildings are very essential ingredient to add luxury, comfort, energy saving, and resale value to the property. We control the gate, visitor entry, video door phone, access, Fountains, Pool, Irrigation, Lightinig, Moods, Color scenes, Motorized Curtains, Distributed Aydio Multizone, HVAC airconditioning, , Security, energy saving, Remote and voice control.

Royal SmartHome

Luxury Home

Solutions for Royal Homes


Smart Guide to smart-Flats


Learn More about  Home Concepts


We have solutions for Religious owner

Unique NCS SPA and Clinic System


NCS, Outpatient, PWD, Elderly, Orphanage & More

Smart G4 Medical solutions covers Inpatient Nurse call State of art solution, Smart Dental, and Outpatient clinic flow, Hospital Building Systems, Elderly, PWD, Health SPA and Orphanage solutions

Our VIP-NCS Nurse call with VIP Service request, and our complete Dental Clinic Flow management Solutions  together with Health Spa and Orphanage are unique latest trend that only smart G4 has made.


Upgrade to Modern Nurse Call Syst

Dental Clinic

Improve your clinic flow management

Health SPA

Latest Health SPA Smart Solutions

PWD & Elderly

See Smart G4 Solutions PWD

Guaranteed winning
Smart-G4 Special Package Offers

We have Designed Special Offers as Packages for SmartHome, Mass intelligent Apartments, Smart Office Building, and Smart Hotel GRMS room, video door phone intercom, that cover all the basic needs, of that type of building. with Best prices ranging from 75 USD to 570 USD for the entire Package

Smart-G4 Special Package Offers

Auzi Villa

Complete Smart-Villa Package 570


Mass Smart Flats Package 165

Hotel Room

Hotel GRMS Package 177

Video Door Phone

IP WEB Smart Video Door Package 75

Smart City G4 solutions

Smart City

Complete smart cities Solutions by smart G4 to make your future city a state of art for living with techno-lifestyle

Intelligent Building Smart G4.png

Intelligent Building

Smart G4 solutions for intelligent buildings public areas, lighting control, BMS, building Entry, PA, HVAC  ++

Smart marine G4 Solutions.png

Smart Marine

Smart G4 Marine solutions will make your Yacht stand out, boat ship more easy to Monitor, and control

Smart Education school

Smart School

Solutions G4 School solution adds students safety and total energy control to the buildings

Smart Stadium

Smart Stadium

Smart G4 Stadium show control and total control makes the play grounds a state of art

Smart Museum

Smart Museum

Smart G4 interactive museum solutions add attractio, experience and knowledge

 We Manufacture: Best GRMS, Modern NCS, Advanced Smart Home, Simple BMS

Summary of features

The Most affordable Smarthome Automation HAI,  most modern Nurse call system NCS, most advanced Hotel Guest Room Management System GRMS, Building Management System BMS

More than 9 GRMS series and designs, Complete NCS, Outpatient clinic automation system, Advanced Smart Home Control, Simplified affordable BMS and Intelligent Building Solution, Lighting and Dimming control modules, GRB Color LED, Actuators and more.   Ready integration to KNX, Dali, DMX, RS232, Zigbee, and more

Many Ideas for every different building type like: Smart Marine, Religious Buildings controls, Orphanage, PWD, Elderly, Hotel GRMS, Nurse Call NCS, Apartment Building Smart Home, Building automation, Intelligent Lighting and dimming switches,   Smart Museum, Smart Mallls and commercial Building, Smart Transportation hub controls, Smart Trains and Airports, Dental Clinic and Outpatient clinic automation, Industrial automation, Stadiums, Museum controls,  smart school solutions, smart Banks, office controls, home theater, and more. 

We have all your needs, fully plug and play as one system. With one protocol, single and multiple manufacturers, Open Protocol, from one supplier, with ability to integrate to many other technologies with ready bridges.

at Smart Group G4, We manufacture all the systems, solutions and needs for : HVAC, Climate control, Energy Metering, electrical outlets and switches, Dimmer and relay modules, LED drivers, Back ground Music, high end audio multizone distribution system,  BMS controller, NCS and GRMS system,  BMS and Security, Building entry system, Web video door phone intercom, motorized curtain, drapes, blinds, projection motors, screen and shades.. We also do Advertisment content management , LED large Displays, and Queuing Systems.  Over 360 products in SMart G4 sBUSpro and more than 60 KNX products, Dali Bridges, DMX, HAI, Nuvo, TIS, HDL, Cool Master, RS-232, RS-485 Modbus, 0-10V and  much more.  Read about Smart G4 technology and massive smart City Projects done globally using sbus-pro technology by G4

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