Why Smart G4 Automation?

The following Reasons are some of which makes us the best choice for Professional Controls category.


  1. The most stable platform 

  2. True fully Open Protocol

  3. Distributed intelligence with redundancy (Bullet Proof System)

  4. Easy Expansion on the go

  5. Super Luxury and Elegant finishes

  6. Latest Advanced Features

  7. Easy user interface 

  8. Flexible wiring topology 

  9. All range is made by one manufacturer for 100% compatibility

  10. Full solution under one roof, no need to waste time or fail integration updates

  11. The easiest in its category (Professional Automation) in manual programming (any electrician can program system in seconds without any PC )

  12. Easy programming and fast backup, upgrade and restore

  13. Fast Delivery

  14. 24/7 International support

  15. Continuous Development and innovation

  16. Long Communication Distances up to 2.3 Kilometers on Cat6 cable

  17. Thousands of ports and Devices on single wire loop

  18. Wide power tolerance range, multiple protection against short circuit, reverse polarity, over heating and other 

  19. Ready solutions perfected for the following verticals:

    1. Smart Hotel GRMS​ and Hospitality solutions

    2. Smart Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient clinics and building GBMS

    3. Smart Prayer Halls

    4. Smart Yacht and Marine

    5. Smart Stadium

    6. Smart Museum and Galary

    7. Smart School and University

    8. Smart Mall and Smart Tower

    9. Smart Cities

We are not DYI Product, we are only pro custom installation series of products 


Mix of IP & KNX BUS

100% Open Protocol

Open Source 


Over Heat Protection

Over Load Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection


Easy wiring and expansion

Easy Manual Pairing setup

Easy Configuration by PC/App

Easy Backup & Restore

Easy Apps and mood recording


Star wiring Topology accepted

Daisy chain wiring accepted

Closed &open loop Topology OK

Grid, Mesh Topology accepted

Mixed Topology accepted

uses Cat3, Cat5, Cat6 and any quality brass conductor wire

can reach up to 2.3 KM using Cat6 quality cable



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